2023 Walk In Tub Sale

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Walk-In Bathtubs

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Find the fountain of youth with the Cadillac of walk-in tubs. Spa – like experience in the comfort of your own home. Relieve muscle tension, troublesome skin conditions, or simply indulge with our hydro and air therapy systems.


5-Piece Chrome Faucet

Fast Fill + quick drain * Jewel arched solid chrome spouts * ¾ “valve, ¾ “ports *ceramic disc cartridges*quick connect spout installation * NPS connections * 18 GPM.

Advanced Hydrotherapy

The hydro massage system is designed to hit key pressure points, briskly stimulating aching muscles and promoting a satisfying massaging experience that provides relief from pain & stress.

Air Jets Bubble Massage

The air massage system by delivering an all-body circulatory massage:  great for circulation and promoting a healthy lymphatic system.

Twenty state of the art jets that target entire body * Integrated check valve in each jet to prevent waste from getting into airlines.  * Self cleaning purge cycle. * Can be combined with hydro massage to create dual massage system.

Whirlpool Bathtubs

Large Selection Of Luxury Whirlpool Bathtubs

Bathe in comfort and have your own in-home spa experience with one of our luxurious Whirlpool bathtubs. From Whirlpool tubs to accessible tubs and freestanding tubs, we have it all. Call today for your free consultation.


Air Jet Bathtub

An air jet bathtub is the general description of a bathtub built with bubble-making air jets. Each jet has anti-microbial hose to insure no bacteria growth. The system comes with a 1 HP air blower that automatically heats the air to 145 degrees to keep your bath water from cooling off and allowing a more comfortable and longer air therapy session.

The jet configuration for air massage systems will contain 18 or 24 jets.  The Air Jet Tub includes a timer that automatically comes on 30 minutes after the tub has been stopped.  It runs for 5 minutes and dries the air lines.  Air massage systems requires a 20Amp GFCI dedicated circuit and an access panel.

Soaker Bathtub

A soaker tub is a basic bathtub without air jets or whirlpool jets. A soaker can add Microbubbles, Vibro-Sonic massage system and a back-warmer.