About American Tub Factory

The American Walk In Tub Factory is an extension of Marblecast of Michigan.

American Tub Factory has a history of successfully manufacturing and distributing to the new home and remodeling industry.

We are a family owned business which started in 1978. In our manufacturing facility, we supply whirlpool tubs, walk in tubs, shower and tub walls, countertops and sinks. We also design and distribute kitchen cabinetry. We handle Waypoint, Legacy, A-Line, and CNC Cabinetry. We also install all of our products.

Walk In Tubs

By The American Tub Factory

With over 10 years of experience in the walk in tub industry, The American Walk In Tub Factory has a unique understanding of what makes a walk in tub perfect for the elderly and physically challenged. Both excellent tubs with many options and a great warranty.

After 2 years in design, The American Walk In Tub Factory has just released the newest design in walk in tubs, THE DIAMOND ELITE; this premier walk in tub has only a 1 inch high entry step. It is three times thicker and stronger than any other walk in tub. It comes with all the fixtures and is priced lower than less quality tubs. There are many more features that give this tub the WOW FACTOR.

Whirlpool Tubs

By Marblecast, The American Tub Factory

Since 1978, Marblecast of Michigan has been supplying the highest line of quality products that relax your mind and rejuvenate your body. We supply a line of affordable and high-end whirlpool tubs that are designed to bring relaxation, comfort and stress relief to your muscles. You will find it an enjoyable experience to recline and enjoy the hydromassaging units of the Marblecast whirlpool tub. Our whirlpool tubs are offered in more than 26 styles, an assortment of colors, and will match any décor. Besides being versatile with your décor, there are many other reasons to purchase your tub from Marblecast.

Before any units leave our plant, they are carried through a complete testing procedure. All jets must meet optimal performance. Pumps must perform and drain to UPC standards, and ultimately meet all requirements to Underwriters Laboratory, IAPMO, and ANSI standards.