About Us The American Walk In Tub Factory is an extension of Marblecast of Michigan.

Walk-In Bathtub Features

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Find the fountain of youth with the Cadillac of walk-in tubs. Spa – like experience in the comfort of your own home. Relieve muscle tension, troublesome skin conditions, or simply indulge with our hydro and air therapy systems.

5-Piece Chrome Faucet

Fast Fill + quick drain * Jewel arched solid chrome spouts * ¾ “valve, ¾ “ports *ceramic disc cartridges*quick connect spout installation * NPS connections * 18 GPM.

Advanced Hydrotherapy

The hydro massage system is designed to hit key pressure points, briskly stimulating aching muscles and promoting a satisfying massaging experience that provides relief from pain & stress.

Air Jets Bubble Massage

The air massage system by delivering an all-body circulatory massage:  great for circulation and promoting a healthy lymphatic system.

Twenty state of the art jets that target entire body * Integrated check valve in each jet to prevent waste from getting into airlines.  * Self cleaning purge cycle. * Can be combined with hydro massage to create dual massage system.

More Features

  • Inline heater which maintains the water temperature.
  • Easy grip handrails in the tub and on the deck of the tub.
  • Low 3” step in and out
  • Handicap Wheelchairs Walk- In Tubs.

Best Selection Of Walk-In Tubs

Many Optional Features:

Micro Bubble:

Our micro bubbles system provides an invigorating experience that leaves skin feeling soft, clean, and nourished. For those suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, bubbles are used to gently exfoliate the skin, penetrate the pores, and remove dirt and excess oils leaving your skin supple, soft, and healthy.

Micro Bubble Features:

01 mm bubbles with a focus on deep cleaning. *Deep clean therapeutic pore cleanser for soft skin. * Integrated check valve in each jet to prevent water from getting into airlines. *  Helps target skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.

Aroma and Chromotherapy: Elevate your bathing experience with the healing powers of light.

This system operated from the concept that each color perceived has unique wavelength, frequency, and quality. When a particular color or wavelength interacts with our bodies, it directly impacts certain energy in our bodies link, psychosomatically, to produce balance and vitality for better health.

Helps promote balance and energy to body and mind while also promoting a sense of peacefulness. * 2 system settings available: Manual or automatic rainbow cycle. * Recommended by occupational therapists for overall health and wellbeing.

Aromatherapy : The healing power of scent

This is an ancient, holistic therapy promoting the healing energy of scent from the natural oils and flowers, bark, stems, leaves, and roots. Aromatherapy beads can be placed in an easy to lean, oil resistant diffuser that’s mounted on the tub’s deck. To regulate your scent, the diffuser comes with a .5-amp pump which distributes a modest amount of fragrance to enhance your bathing experience. Combined with a chromotherapy option, users can add an extra level luxury while promoting wellness for the body and mind.

Employs scent to improve your mental and physical health. * Works in conjunction with hydro massage system. * 1 week of aromatherapy treatment per single scented bead bag.

Heated Features: *Comfortable seating while filling and draining the bath.

Heated Seat:  Stay warm while you bathe. The heated seat ensure that you experience a safe, healing, and enjoyable bath that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Universal Adjustable Shower Rod & Grab Bar

The addition of a mounted slide bar turns your walk-in-tub into a fully functional stand-up shower with ease. Placed against the wall out of the way of other fixtures, the easy to adjust slider allows the showers wand to be fixed to any height while remaining clear of the shower space. Chrome plating over a stainless-steel structure eliminated rust and build up, while the custom placement of the shower wand prevents water from seeping onto the bathroom floor.

Universal placement. * 10”-24” adjustable height. * Grab bar shower wand

Seat Cushion

Enjoy your bath with the added comfort and therapeutic benefits of a plush seat cushion. Secured to your walk- in tub’s ADA compliant, contoured seat, this cushion provides a soft surface for sitting while you enjoy your bath. The ergonomic design promoted relaxation and eases discomfort caused by lower back pain. Shower Tower Available!